Staithes Weekender

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Staithes, Staithes, North Yorkshire

A weekend of music, stories, film, poetry, guided walks, rare photography, watery adventures – and a living tribute to the amazing culture of the beautiful, historic community of Staithes. Choose Gigs and Buskers with venues across the village Go to sea aboard The Three Sisters Explore the bay with Bill’s Walks Enjoy the thrill of Singing as a Choir, after three hours with our vocal coach Hear ‘live’ poetry from John Foggin, Carolyn Tyson and more Meet the first man to cross the ocean on stilts See the fabulous illustrations of trompe l’oeil artist Paul Czainski and his new book, The Beanpole Chronicles Attend a rather unusual poetry workshop, Write A Poem, Take It Hoem

And much more stuff - always with the accent firmly on fun!