Yours for eternity

"There was a time when I’d say that a big label should snap him up but in the current climate I’d say he was doing well enough by himself." 
Dai Jeffries 'Folking' 9/12/2016

"The essential ‘man with guitar’ album will never go out of style, it’s just that some do it so much better than others. To hear how it should be done listen to ‘Yours for Eternity’ from Steve Dagleish."
Tim Carroll 'FolkWords' 3/12/2016

"There is an overwhelming message of the power of love throughout the album; a positive emotion to counter thoughts of conflicts, past & present." 
Debbie Gilpin 'Mind the Blog' 9/11/2016

"The songs are soaked in great sense of sentiment with Steve weaving a tapestry of wonderful characters together in the gentle sounds of this album."
Grace Mitchell 'Saving Graces' 9/11/2016