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"After years of not being involved on the music scene, Steve Dagleish has made a triumphant return to performing and recording. Following the release of his 2014 album 'Only Losers Write On Bridges", Steve started to perform live again to much critical acclaim. His latest release 'Yours For Eternity' is true to his live sound and you are instantly drawn into songs that are intelligent and beautifully constructed by a singer songwriter who is in control of all aspects of his craft. Steve's beautiful guitar work, lyrical melodies, vocal delivery and lush chord structures are complemented by his thoughtful, witty and often personal poignant lyrics. 

Steve is a very assured and engaging performer who is at ease with his audience and is inclusive and entertaining in the delivery of his fine catalog of material. Having witnessed him performing live on several occasions, he always produces a quality show with excellent guitar work whilst having the ability to adapt to audience circumstances and leaving them fully enthralled. 
Steve Dagleish is a wonderful, engaging performer who combines all the skills of the best singer songwriters."
Trevor Lloyd , Songwriters Circle Radio Show, 10 Radio

"Now Steve Dagleish knows what he's doing. He knows how to write a song that has depth and meaning. Something sadly missing in large numbers from todays music world. He also knows his way round a guitar. Almost piano and harp like sounds floated from his magical fingers and guitar. Imagine the sunlight reflecting on a lake, like a myriad of shining diamonds. Now give each one of those reflections a beautiful musical note and that's what Steve's sound was like. . Being in a room with Steve's music is like lying and drifting on a warm breeze blown hammock that's been made out of beautiful songs with the head, heart and hands of a craftsman at the top of his profession." Saltburn Folk Club [headline gig February 2015]
Glenn Maltman, Film & TV Composer

"Steve Dagleish performed solo, alongside Sara Dennis and various members of the night’s headliners, Ranagri. The set represented how beautifully sensitive and meaningful music can be, the prime examples being Dennis’ song dedicated to celebrating the work of Emily Dickinson; a melodic tribute to an under-appreciated poet. Dagleish’s subdued nostalgic piece, All You Could, represented how music should be listened to. The audience observed in communal silence as Steve created intricate melodies coupled with an emotive, raw voice to match the meaning of the lyrics. The set came to a close with the title track of Dagleish’s album, and without having to even prompt the crowd, elicited a whole-hearted sing along from everyone. It was a unique feeling of unity that I hadn’t ever experienced within a music venue before." Earthbeat Centre, 2nd August 2015
Grace Mitchell, Blogger & Music Fan

"Steve Dagleish performs wonderful acoustic music that has an orchestral undercurrent running through it. I met Steve at Folkstock Festival last year when he joined in the banter whilst I was on stage after playing a set on his own. We exchanged pleasantries and he struck me quickly as not only a fine musician but a real nice fella. His music jumps from earthy everyman folk to ambient orchestral and I likes it. Some people’s music just resonates with you: after enjoying the more acoustic side of Steve’s work, discovering the more orchestral pieces was a really lovely surprise and I’d like to hear more still."
Johnno Casson, Songwriter & Mediator at Tom Robinson's 'Fresh on the Net'

"Only Losers Write on Bridges" is one of the most stunningly beautifully written and arranged albums I have ever heard. I find myself listening to it again and again, in the car, in the house on and the ipod. Truly brilliant!"
Graham Brotton, Musician

"Steve Dagleish's 'Only Losers Write on Bridges' takes me to sad places, but I'm glad to go. It's new but feels old, delicate and powerful." 
Kate Lynn-Devere, Broadcaster, Singer/Songwriter

"Utterly lovely, like an angrier Nick Drake."
Bob Fischer, Broadcaster, BBC Tees

"If you simply decide to listen to Steve while kicking back to enjoy the texture and rhythm of these well-crafted songs you will be well rewarded, especially if you are a fan of artists such as Nick Drake and Bert Jansch. His skill on the guitar is obvious, but listen to the poetry of his lyrics and you'll experience something both passionate and deeply felt. Steve's voice is clear, rounded and inviting, with the strength to carry delicate and serious compositions with delightful resonance and appealing gravitas."
Scott Beveridge - Music Promoter

“Singer-songwriter Steve Dagleish's music ranges from the orchestral to the acoustic and varies in tone from the intensely personal and sensual to the highly political.”
Ricci de Freitas, Organiser, Marchmont Street Festival - Marchmont Association 

“The flirtiest singer/songwriter I have ever had the pleasure of watching. There's a glint in your eye, and mint in your music. Glorious set, wonderful delivery.”
Carl Chamberlain - Six of the Best 

“True to his obvious influences the beautiful guitar playing displayed by Steve Dagleish is infectious. His finger picking is precise and timely. Nicely arranged musicality rounds off the package and Dagleish has given us some musical food for thought.”
CME - CatsAsk On-line Reviews 

“‘World of News’ kicks in like the Levellers late for a gig and is every bit as politically charged as any of their work. The emphatically delivered lyrics effortlessly engage the listener.”
Rob Spencer - Glasswerk UK [On-line Reviews]