1. Hello Son

From the recording Yours for Eternity

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Hello Son

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Written & Performed by Steve Dagleish
© 2016 All Rights Reserved

Hello son, your last letter is cheering us no end
So glad you’ve got your foot down firmly on the ground
London’s a universe, you’ll soon be making friends
Your monthly cheque’s enclosed, make sure that you eat well

Hello son, your brothers have had quite enough of school
Like you, they’re finding it so hard to keep the rules
Your sister’s spending weekends away with her lad
And weekdays avoiding those questions from your Dad

Live your life!

Hello son, your dad’s come off his moped again
Some silly so-and-so, he’s never the one to blame
And his clavicle will take a long time to mend
Did you know I studied Latin at school?

And the dreams that I had when I was a girl
Are all coming true in my world
And the dreams that I had when you were a boy …

Hello son, we walked the beach today just as the sun fell down
Ocean turning somersaults as your Dad spun me round
And now I’ve got to sign off, it’s the middle of the night
We send all our love to you, I’ve something else to write …