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Yours for Eternity

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Written & Performed by Steve Dagleish
© 2016 All Rights Reserved

Henry Coulter, he’s just turned twenty-three
Training with the bantams, my country’s needing me
Lucy Townend, barely sweet sixteen
Fitting boots to baby boys, you wanna fight for me

From Marsh to Westgate to get his boots for free
Sees her in the shoeshop, it’s June 1914
Takes her to the music hall, Charlie Chaplin, George Formby
She writes to him in boot camp, ‘Yours for eternity’

Oh my darling man, what will I do
When they send you to France
Oo-la-la-la …

One hundred letters or more
Try and tell me that love is not greater
One hundred letters or more, try and tell me that
Love is not greater than war

He wrote proposals, he thought he'd take control
His mind was filled with Lucy when the shell burst in the hole
October ‘16, her answer back it came
Returned unopened, with blue lines through his name