1. Miss Sweeney

From the recording Yours for Eternity

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Miss Sweeney

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Written & Performed by Steve Dagleish
© 2016 All Rights Reserved

I bought my place in heaven with the vows of sweet Katherine,
My Kitty's sacred promise seats me with Seraphim
But I've got a case with Molly, she has eyes beyond horizons
Her dreams are bold and fearless as she sees another day

Oh Miss Sweeney kick off your shoes
Oh Miss Sweeney kick off your shoes

When the bomb flew over Plane Street & the sirens blared their warning
Molly picked up Pat and Joe, one under each arm
And she ran towards the shelter to the call of many voices
Caught her heels in a pavement crack, left her shoes to war

The papers print the stories of the bravery of soldiers
Falsehoods and illusions,targets of their hate
But I remember Molly standing shoeless in the hallway
Brothers held close to her, her eyes shining in the dark

He sold his place in heaven for the world that Molly wanders
For the blue of sky and ocean where her happiness won't hide
As the bright light fades behind her, released now by his shadow
To the trumpets blaring freedom and Molly’s sweetest smile