From the recording Yours for Eternity

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Last Act at Bar 62

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Written & Performed by Steve Dagleish
© 2016 All Rights Reserved

The last act at Bar 62 shuffles to the stage
His cold and broken Epiphone that carries all his rage
His eyes are wild with vodka as he sings out from his sadness
I can't take it any more, I won't sing to be ignored
I can’t take it any more …

The last act at bar 62 before giving up for good
He sings of love and wanderlust and his Mary's in his blood
He tries to look them in the eye
The drunkards lost inside their lives
They talk right through his stare but he leaves his heart out there
He leaves his heart out there with these words

Will you sing one more for Mary she is far too far from me
I want to ride the Brooklyn ferry
To see the things in magazines open up before my eyes
Jump out from the pages,turn all the lights

Now Mr Johnson’s crying because his wall was once a window
And the Mary in his memory will be the last he sees
The nothingness is filled with singing birds and endless rainbows
The last act at bar 62 is looking to the door
And his voice is full of thunder as he sings out one more