From the recording Yours for Eternity

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Waiting for the One

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Written & Performed by Steve Dagleish
© 2016 All Rights Reserved

Was it nature carved you into this old chair
With the TV set to on
Westerns shoot out all day long
While you wait for the one

She stares out from her photograph
Taken when you were so young
Hers is the sweet voice singing in your ears
While you wait for the one

Waiting for the one to come, waiting for the one to come
With his open arms and his hollow eyes
His shattered dreams and sharpened scythe
His shutdown heart and his crooked smile
Waiting for the one

My heaven is on the ground when I reach your time
Perhaps I'll turn around and wait for the one

I feel your love is flying
I feel my love fly to you
I know the place where you are going
Is the place I'm going too