1. Road to Mary

From the recording Only Losers Write on Bridges

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Road to Mary

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A song written for my ma Mary Dagleish [nee Sweeney] about her ma Mary [Molly] Sweeney. Joe was my ma's youngest brother, killed at eighteen years old hitching a lift home from his teacher training college. Bundles of Catholic guilt here, jigged up with joy. 'Uncle' Joe was only seven years older than me when the car crashed and I made a 'nice cup of tea' for my mam when the policeman knocked. My ma died from an aggressive cancer not long after the song was written and this song celebrates her life too.

Words & Music by Steve Dagleish © 2015. All Rights Reserved

Steve plays acoustic guitar & percussion and sings the lyric. Panama Dave Parrett plays acoustic bass and counterpoint guitar. Carolyne Locher's vocal is in back.


Road to Mary

Paisley pinafore, arms that sweep me from the floor
I feel like I was waited for. I found my sacred road to Mary

Sunday papers in the door, holy water on the wall
Uncle Joe, he drank it all, on his sacred road to Mary

Black hat hanging in the hall, empty snuffbox on the wall
He won’t be snorting that no more, He’s found his sacred road to Mary

Soil and roses in the box. In her mind, she stops the clocks
Joe’s name on her lips, she’s found her sacred road to Mary